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Moving to the cloud - part 2

I would really like to recommend  Dropbox  to store your files. The free version offers 2 GB of storage and the software can run on all my computers and my phone. There are of course several services that do almost the same thing, but so far I have not found anyone that does it as good as  Dropbox . Moving the files to the cloud was easy. I just created an account, installed the software and moved my files to the designated directory. Since then my free account have been upgraded to 3 GB because I made some friends join Dropbox. The next step was to move my e-mail from my current service provider to Gmail . Wint  Google Apps  I get exactly the same functionality as a previously had, but also a better web user interface. The challenge in this move was to move all existing e-mails to my new  Google Apps  account. It turned out to be pretty easy by activating POP-mail in  Gmail  and get all the e-mails from the existing mail server. When all e-mails were synchronized all that was