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Problems and solutions

This week has been lined with clumsiness, weird problems and some pride. The latter because I actually managed to conquer the problems. The clumsiness was just me managing to shut myself out from my computer. All accounts except the domain accounts were disabled, the domain cache was disabled and network settings not allowing contact with the domain. That is not a good combination. Thanks to  Offline NT Password & Registry Editor  I got in again just fine. The reason this all happened was mainly a security aspect, but combined with the poor network settings it turned out to be way too secure. The weird problems had to with our Windows CE application. As usual the information supplied from the users is very limited, like  "it doesn't work" . But when I finally got my hands on the log files I got even more confused. Weird problems in the shape of  SqlCeExceptions , no GPRS connection, sudden torn-offs... It turned out to be a memory card that was loose. The database

TEC Europe 2009

TEC Europe is over and I am at the Hilton Berlin waiting to go home. The overall impression of the conference is really good, although I as a developer indeed was a minority. I have only visited the Active Directory-related sessions and I have definately gotten some clarification in some areas. For example I can mention that I feel somewhat stupid that our AD-classes are still based on System.DirectoryServices, instead of System.DirectoryServices.Protocols. The former is based on LDAP via ADSI, while the latter is a wrapper to wldap32.dll. For more information about the lectures, and what they are talking about, check out